Any Mac user who has shared files with a Windows PC has found the useless and ever annoying Thumbs.db files in their directories. Thankfully there’s an easier way to remove these files using Spotlight.

  1. Launch Spotlight (command-spacebar)
  2. Type “Thumbs.db”, when a list is gathered hit the return key
  3. Click the ‘more’ button to show all search results
  4. Now simply drag and drop all of the Thumbs.db files into the trash, and empty the trash
  5. Done! Your Mac will now be rid of all Thumbs.db files

This is a very simple and much easier process than launching the Terminal and going through the command line. Thumbs.db are not a crucial system file files, like the DS_Store files on a Mac, they are simply a small cache file that holds thumbnail preview data for folders in Windows, so do not worry about deleting them from your Mac.

Good idea from LifeHacker