Often the fastest way to do things is with keyboard shortcuts. I hope these keystrokes help you to become a Mac “power user”. They should work on most versions of Mac OS (10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, and even 10.4 Tiger).

Keyboard ShortcutDescriptionCategory
Cmd+ ; (semicolon)Check Spelling Only Works in Some ApplicationsEditing
Cmd+ {Align Left Only Works in Some ApplicationsEditing
Cmd+ }Align Right Only Works in Some ApplicationsEditing
Cmd+ | (pipe)Align Center Only Works in Some ApplicationsEditing
Cmd+ASelect AllEditing
Cmd+Shift+CShow Colors palette in application Only Works in Some ApplicationsEditing
Ctrl+UpMove up one pageEditing
F10Show all windows for the current applicationExposé
F11Shows Desktop Exposé
F12Activates DashboardExposé
F12 (hold)Ejects diskExposé
F9Show all open windows on the screen at once Exposé
Alt+Cmd+IShow Attributes Inspector Limited use Ð varies by application.File Management
Cmd+Alt+WClose all WindowsFile Management
Cmd+DDuplicateFile Management
Cmd+DeleteMove Highlighted Items to TrashFile Management
Cmd+EEjectFile Management
Cmd+FFindFile Management
Cmd+IGet InfoFile Management
Cmd+LMake AliasFile Management
Cmd+OOpen Another Existing DocumentFile Management
Cmd+PPrintFile Management
Cmd+RShow OriginalFile Management
Cmd+SSaveFile Management
Cmd+Shift+NNew Folder Must Be In Finder Window For It to WorkFile Management
Cmd+Shift+SSave asFile Management
Alt+Cmd+MMinimize All WindowsFinder Navigation
Alt+Cmd+RightExpand folder and its subfolders (in list view)Finder Navigation
Alt+Cmd+UpOpen parent folder and close current windowFinder Navigation
Alt+Cmd+WClose all WindowsFinder Navigation
Cmd+~Cycle through windows for current applicationFinder Navigation
Cmd+Click window titleDisplay the file pathFinder Navigation
Cmd+click window toolbar button (upper right corner)Cycle through toolbar views Finder Navigation
Cmd+Down Open File/FolderFinder Navigation
Cmd+Left Collapse Folder (in list view)Finder Navigation
Cmd+QQuit applicationFinder Navigation
Cmd+Right Expand folder (in list view)Finder Navigation
Cmd+Shift GGoto Folder… Finder Navigation
Cmd+Shift KJump to the Network browserFinder Navigation
Cmd+Shift U Jump to your Utilities folderFinder Navigation
Cmd+Shift+AJump to your Applications folderFinder Navigation
Cmd+Shift+HJump to your Home folderFinder Navigation
Cmd+Shift+TabCycle Backwards Finder Navigation
Cmd+UpNavigate to parentFinder Navigation
Cmd+W Close WindowFinder Navigation
Ctrl+F4Cycle through every open window Finder Navigation
Alt+Cmd+DragMake alias in new locationKeyboard/Mouse
Alt+DragCopy to new locationKeyboard/Mouse
Cmd+DragMove to new location without copyingKeyboard/Mouse
Alt+Cmd+DShow/Hide DockMenu Commands
Alt+Cmd+EjectSleepMenu Commands
Alt+Cmd+EscForce QuitMenu Commands
Alt+Cmd+HHide All But The Active ApplicationMenu Commands
Alt+Cmd+THide ToolbarMenu Commands
Alt+Shift Cmd+QLog out immediatelyMenu Commands
Alt+Shift+Cmd+DeleteEmpty Trash without dialog Menu Commands
Cmd+ , (comma)Open Preferences for Active ApplicationMenu Commands
Cmd+ . (period)Stop a processMenu Commands
Cmd+?Open Mac HelpMenu Commands
Cmd+1View as IconsMenu Commands
Cmd+2View as ListMenu Commands
Cmd+3View as ColumnsMenu Commands
Cmd+BHide ToolbarMenu Commands
Cmd+Cntl+EjectQuit all applications and RestartMenu Commands
Cmd+HHide Active Application Doesn't Work With Adobe ApplicationsMenu Commands
Cmd+JShow View OptionMenu Commands
Cmd+MMinimize WindowMenu Commands
Cmd+NNew Finder window or New Blank Page in Some ApplicationsMenu Commands
Cmd+Shift+DeleteEmpty TrashMenu Commands
Cmd+Shift+HGo to your Home folderMenu Commands
Cmd+Shift+IGo to iDiskMenu Commands
Cmd+Shift+QLog outMenu Commands
Cmd+SpaceOpen Spotlight (OS X 10.4)Menu Commands
Cntl+Down ArrowMove down one pageMenu Commands
Cntl+EjectShut Down, Sleep, or Restart OptionsMenu Commands
Cntl+Up ArrowMove up one pageMenu Commands
Ctrl+Cmd+D and mouse over word in Cocoa applicationsShows Dictionary description for that wordMenu Commands
Ctrl+DownMove down one pageMenu Commands
Cmd+Shift+3Take a picture of the screen will leave a .png file on desktopScreen Capture
Cmd+Shift+4Take a picture of the selection will leave a .png file on desktopScreen Capture
Cmd+Shift+4, CtrlTake a picture of the selection, place in clipboardScreen Capture
Cmd+Shift+4, SpacebarTake a picture of the selected window will leave a .png file on desktopScreen Capture
Alt+Cmd+Shift+DelSeeks a different startup volumeStart up hot-keys (press while booting)
CStart up from a bootable CDStart up hot-keys (press while booting)
Cmd+SStart up in Single-User modeStart up hot-keys (press while booting)
Cmd+VStart up in Verbose modeStart up hot-keys (press while booting)
NAttempt to start up from a compatible network server (NetBoot)Start up hot-keys (press while booting)
ShiftStart up in Safe Boot modeStart up hot-keys (press while booting)
TStart up in FireWire Target Disk modeStart up hot-keys (press while booting)
XForce Mac OS X startupStart up hot-keys (press while booting)
Alt+Cmd+ - (minus)Zoom outUniversal Access
Alt+Cmd+ * (asterisk)Turn on ZoomUniversal Access
Alt+Cmd+ = (equal)Zoom inUniversal Access
Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+ * (asterisk)Switch to White on BlackUniversal Access