The registry of a computer is the place where programs are tracked. Whenever you install or remove a new program, the registry is updated. The registry is accessed whenever you start up a computer, or launch a program on your computer. As you use your PC, there is a natural tendency to add or remove programs regularly.

Think about the last time you install a new game, a trial software, or a brand new software. Every time an event like that happens, the registry is changed. Perhaps you are starting to observe that over time, your computer takes a longer time to boot up. That is because the registry is so cluttered that the system has to take more time to sort through this clutter. Initially, booting up may just require 15 to 30 secs. With a cluttered registry, boot up time can be as long as a couple of minutes.

In addition, a cluttered registry also gives rise to an unstable system. The OS may crash while you are using it, or the computer may freeze. If that is happening to you now, it’s time you do something about the registry.

The problem with the computer registry is that most people don’t know how it really works. Editing the registry manually can be done, but only if you know exactly what you are doing. If you remove the wrong lines, the OS may be damaged. In the worst case scenario, you may even need to reload your OS again. Therefore, it is not advisable to work on your computer registry manually.

You can, of course, take preventive measures if you like. That means not installing unnecessary software. The more you meddle with the applications, the more cluttered the registry becomes. Adopt this approach if you use the computer mostly for work reasons. I.e. accessing emails, using Microsoft office, etc. Don’t go and install games or any other third party software unnecessarily.

However, this approach appears impractical for most people. Reason being we all use our computers for many reasons – work, playing games, watching videos, downloading MP3, etc. Installing third party software is an inevitable function.

If that’s the case, the only way to clean the registry is to use registry cleaners. Registry cleaners can help keep the registry clean by detecting errors in the registry. The software will then proceed to eliminate those errors. After scanning the registry and fixing it, you will notice greatly improved performance for your system. Boot up will be faster, and your system will be less likely to crash.

Cleaners that receive great reviews include:

1) Ultra Optimiser
2) RegCure Pc Optimiser
3) Registry Mechanic
4) Registry Fix

There are several others, but the above seem to rate better. The cost of a good piece of registry software is less than $50. For sure, that is way lower than hiring the services of a computer repair man.