Do you need an efficient technique to create an excel spreadsheet of email addresses to import into your Contact List in the future? Let’s say you have received over 250 miscellaneous emails into your Outlook Inbox by people who are inquiring about the services your company provides. Because they are potential clients/leads, but have not become customers yet, you may not want to add them to your contact list or a distribution list at this time. You do, however, want to capture their email addresses in a spreadsheet for future use. Here’s what to do:

  • Move the various emails to a specific Inbox subfolder.
  • Click the folder where you stored the emails
  • Click File on the Menu
  • Select import / export
  • Select Export to a file
  • Select Microsoft Excel
  • Select the folder that stores your emails. (it should already be selected in blue, just verify that it is the correct folder)
  • Select location where you want to save the file it is going to create. also change name of file if you want to
  • Click OK button on the Map field box that pops up.

When the export is complete, open the exported file in excel. You will see 2 sheets; Contacts and Email. Click the sheet named email, the first row is headers defining the data the column contains. Column D contains From Address. You can keep or delete any of these columns you need.