Embedding a Youtube video in Excel worksheet could be helpful if you want the user to veiw instructions in the video before using the spreadsheet. Here’s how:

Modify the YouTube URL:

  1. Get the URL of the video. I chose an instructional video about boolean logic:
  2. Modify the URL by making the following changes:
    • Remove watch?
    • Replace the = sign after the v with a forward slash; v= becomes v/. Your new URL should now look like this:
    • If the video is in HD and you want to make it available as HD in your spreadsheet, add &vq=hd720 at the end of your new URL. For HD mode your URL will appear as:

Embed the YouTube video in Excel

  1. Go to the Developer Tab you your Excel ribbon
  2. In the Developer Tab, select Insert ==> More Controls
  3. From More Controls, select Shockwave Flash Object and click OK
  4. Click anywhere on the spreadsheet and a Shockwave Flash Object will be inserted
  5. Right click on the Shockwave Flash Object and click Properties
  6. In the Properties dialog box, make the following changes:
    • AllowFullScreen: True — this enables the video to be played in full screen
    • Moviehttps://www.youtube.com/v/JXkh6ho41-I&vq=hd720 (This is the modified URL created above)
  7. Close the Properties window
  8. Go to the Developer Tab and click on Design Mode to exit out of the design mode.

Your YouTube video should now load in the Shockwave Flash Object space. Click on PLAY to watch the video.

CAUTION: This will not work in any file format other than XSLX or XLSM.