Excel hyperlinks are just like hyperlinks you find on the internet. They let you click through as a shortcut to another location.

These locations in Excel hyperlinks can be to another file or webpage, another location within the same Excel file, or to an email address.

To create hyperlink references in cells, select the cell or cells to have the link, and either :

  • Press Ctrl + K.
  • Select the Hyperlink option from the Links group in the Insert tab.
  • Right click and select Hyperlink… from the menu.

Insert your hyperlink by choosing where to link to on the left side of the window.

For an Existing File or Webpage:

  • Browse for the file to link to using the file navigation if you want to link to an existing file.
  • Enter the address or URL of a webpage in the Address box just the same way you would enter it in your web browser.

For a Place in This Document:

  • Select the sheet you wish to link to. Note: Your link could be in the same sheet as the one you are currently working in.
  • Type the cell reference to link to in the box at the top of the window.

For an Email Address:

  • Enter the email address to send to.
  • Enter in a default subject line. Note: The sender can change this subject before sending, but will pre-populate the subject line in their email program.
  • If the end user doesn’t have a email client such as Microsoft Outlook on their computer that they use this feature won’t work very well for them. You should also provide an alternate method for sending an email if you are unsure whether or not the end user will have an email client installed.

If your cell already has text in it, that text will become “clickable” after adding the hyperlink. If it doesn’t you can enter some text in the Text to display box at the top of the window.

You can remove hyperlinks by selecting the cell(s) with a hyperlink, right clicking and selecting Remove Hyperlinks from the menu. You can also edit a hyperlink by selecting the cell with the link and clicking the Hyperlink option from the Links group in the Insert tab.

If all the links point to the same location, you can edit the hyperlinks in bulk by selecting all the cells. Otherwise you will have to edit each link individually.