Excel provides a neat way to autofit the width of a column using either a mouse double-click or using the built in menus. In this post I will show you how to use the mouse to automatically resize the width of a column so that the contents of the column can be seen in full.

Here is the problem; you have a table of contacts from your business. As it stands there are two problems:

  • Problem 1: You can’t read the values in some columns because they are cut off by the values in the cells on their right.
  • Problem 2: You can’t see any of the date values because that column is not wide enough – instead all you see is a row of #########

You could try to resize the columns one at a time by clicking and dragging on the column borders between column headers for all 6 columns, but there is an alternative way.

Mouse double click trick for resizing column widths

  • Move the mouse pointer to the column border between columns you want to auto-fit
  • The white cross will change to a black cross with arrows pointing left and right
  • Double click the left mouse button
  • Your done – the column has been autofitted!