The data for some applications requires case-specific text to for proper data matching. Here are three Excel formulas to accomplish the text-case change you may need to change the case of text to PROPER, UPPER or LOWER. 

  1. Use a spare column or row and enter a simple formula that uses the appropriate built-in Excel function and reference the cell to be converted:
  A B C D
1 Text Formula   Result
2 exCel fORmula =PROPER(A2)   Excel Formula
3 excel formula =UPPER(A3)   EXCEL FORMULA
4 EXCEL FORMULA =LOWER(A4)   excel formula
  1. Copy the formula to the matching range (column or row) of the source data
  2. Select and copy the complete range of formula
  3. Select the first cell in the source data range
  4. Paste Special Values.

You’re done. No need go through the hoopla of writing VBA; you get the same outcome in just five simple steps!