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One week on, jittery Mexico far from coming to grips with quakeA week after an earthquake that killed more than 300 people, a shaken Mexico was torn Tuesday between trying to get back to normal and keeping up an increasingly hopeless search for survivors. Improbably, it hit just two hours after an annual earthquake drill, turning Mexico City's most seismically unstable neighborhoods into something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. Scores more were killed in the states of Morelos, Puebla, Mexico, Guerrero and Oaxaca.

British tourist mauled to death in Greece by rabid wolves not stray dogs, coroner believesA British woman believed to have died after being mauled by feral dogs in Greece may have been attacked by rabid wolves, a coroner has said. The woman, named locally as Celia Hollingworth, of Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, was reported missing on Thursday. The 62-year-old disappeared while walking back to her accommodation in Maroneia, in the northern part of the country, following a visit to the nearby archaeological site of Mesimvria. Coroner Nikolaos Kifinidis told The Times that the condition of remains found on Saturday suggested she was not attacked by stray dogs. "It seems like she may have been attacked by other wild animals, like rabid wolves and jackals," he said. According to animal welfare campaigners, there are an estimated one million stray dogs in Greece, however wolves are common to the wooded region. Reports suggest that Ms Hollingworth tried to contact her relatives in London after being attacked, but lost signal on her phone. Celia Hollingworth had been visiting the nearby archaeological site of Mesimvria Credit: Hercules Milas/Alamy  Several campaign groups in the UK paid tribute to the retiree, who was described as "dedicated" and "always optimistic". Ms Hollingworth worked as an administrator at the University of Bristol and latterly dedicated her time to raising money for causes including Syrian refugees. A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: "We are working closely with officers in Greece regarding the formal identification of the deceased. "We are also working with colleagues from the Foreign Office and supporting her next of kin at this difficult time." A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are in contact with Greek police in relation to a British woman missing in northern Greece since Thursday. "We are also providing consular assistance to her family." The archaeological site of Mesimvria is is northern Greece

Graphic Video Shows Huntington Beach Police Officer Shooting Man Several TimesA graphic video shows a Huntington Beach police officer shooting a man seven times and killing him. The slain man was identified as a Navy veteran who was suffering from mental health issues, according to his family.

Cowboys, Cardinals Conduct Silent Protests As Controversy Over Trump's Remarks ContinuePlayers from the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals conducted their own silent protests on Monday night, continuing the actions of many other NFL teams, players and owners who used their platforms to make a statement in light of President Donald Trump’s harsh criticism of athletes who kneel during the national anthem.

Conservative Catholic Group Accuses Pope Francis Of Promoting Heresy On DivorceA group of conservative Roman Catholics has accused Pope Francis of spreading “heresy” by signaling his openness to letting some divorced and remarried Catholics receive Holy Communion.

Could North Korea Really Shoot Down a U.S. F-15 or B-1 Bomber?North Korea considers and a recent Twitter comment from President Donald Trump to effectively be a declaration of war against Pyongyang. As such, the Kim regime says that it will retaliate—potentially even engaging U.S. Air Force bombers flying around the Korean peninsula over international waters. “The whole world should clearly remember it was the U.S. who first declared war on our country,” North Korean foreign minister Ri Yong Ho told reporters in New York.

Chelsea Manning barred from entering Canada for offences 'similar to treason'Chelsea Manning, a former American soldier jailed for leaking troves of classified information, said on Monday that she was banned from entering Canada due to criminal convictions in the United States. Manning had tried to cross at the official border office at Lacolle, Quebec, on Friday.  On Monday, she posted a letter from Canadian immigration officials to her Twitter account that said she was not admitted because she was convicted of offences deemed equivalent to treason in Canada.  "So, I guess Canada has permanently banned me? Denied entry b/c of convictions similar to "treason" offence," she wrote.  so, i guess canada has permanently banned me ? ✋�������� @CitImmCanada denied entry b/c of convictions similar to "treason" offense ������— Chelsea E. Manning (@xychelsea) September 25, 2017 The document said that Manning had committed a crime outside the country that "would equate to an indictable offence, namely treason" in Canada and which carries a maximum sentence of 14 years imprisonment. Committing a crime elsewhere that would carry a maximum sentence of at least 10 years in Canada is grounds for a person to be denied entry, the document said. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, declined to comment "on any specific case" at a news conference, and said he looked "forward to seeing more details about this situation." Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale suggested on Monday he would think hard before overruling a border officer’s decision. “No such request has been made to me with respect to that matter,” Mr Goodale said, according to the National Post. Profile | Chelsea Manning “And, when a Canada Border Services officer has exercised appropriately within their jurisdiction the judgment that they are called upon to make, I don’t interfere in that process in any kind of a light or cavalier manner.” Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison in 2013 for leaking more than 700,000 classified documents to WikiLeaks three years earlier, when she was known as Bradley. She served seven years, and twice tried to take her own life last year alone, before then-president Barack Obama commuted her sentence just days before he left office in January. Manning was released from Fort Leavenworth's all-male prison in May. During her incarceration, Manning battled for - and won - the right to start hormone treatment. She now has cropped blonde hair and a decidedly feminine look.    

Trooper's widow sues sniper's parents for son's actionsThe parents of a gunman who shot and killed a Pennsylvania trooper engaged in "psychological manipulation" of their son and should be held responsible for the deadly ambush at a state police barracks, according to a lawsuit filed by the trooper's widow.

Roger Stone on Paul Manafort’s impending indictmentYahoo News’ Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff sat down with Roger Stone, a former adviser to President Trump, to talk about Paul Manafort, former campaign chief for Trump, and his impending indictment in the Russia investigation.

Junot Diaz: If Puerto Rico Means Anything To You, You Have To Step UpJunot Diaz delivered an impassioned speech about the devastation currently plaguing Puerto Rico at La Fábrica Central in Massachusetts on Sunday.

Police arrest and remove protestors with disabilities at Senate Graham-Cassidy hearingHow do we say this nicely, Senator Cassidy and Senator Graham: everyone hates your dumb healthcare bill.  Well, at least a solid majority of Americans do, and pretty much everyone who came to watch the Graham-Cassidy hearing Monday afternoon. Activists from the grassroots disability rights group ADAPT disrupted the hearing multiple times, causing Senator Hatch to briefly recess the hearing and prompting Capitol Police to arrest protestors, some of them in wheelchairs. Their protest centered around the large concern that passage of the bill would severely deplete medicaid funding. But many other worries exist about how the bill would not include essential health benefits, cause millions to lose their insurance, and shrink the Obamacare protections for people with preexisting conditions. The footage of police forcibly removing the ADAPT protesters is both inspiring and predictably heartbreaking. SEE ALSO: Hurricane Maria plunged Puerto Rico into a humanitarian crisis, and help has barely arrived Here is Senator Hatch ordering that the hearing be recessed as protestors in wheelchairs are pulled away by authorities: And Senator Cassidy responding with his characteristic charisma, aka a zombie-like yawn: Under Graham-Cassidy, at least 1.4 million adults with disabilities would lose Medicaid, per the Center for American Progress. Depending on how deep the cuts go (and what version of the bill we're looking at) that number could easily climb to 1.8 million.  A protestors looks on as other demonstrators are taken out.Image: tom williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc.With fewer services, advocates fear that folks with disabilities could be forced back into institutions and otherwise pushed out of the workforce. Organizers estimated that the number of arrests today would hover around 100. Capitol Police arrest a demonstrator for reportedly disrupting the hearing.Image: chip somodevilla/Getty Images This is Marilee, of ADAPT. She's answered my random phone calls for 5 months — Jeff Stein (@JStein_Vox) September 25, 2017 ADAPT has a long history of disruptive protest in defense of people with disabilities. The group's grassroots efforts have been instrumental in bringing attention to issues across America for the past 40 years.  Capitol police drag a blind protestor out of the hearing.Image: chip somodevilla/Getty Images Only 7 wheelchair users in the hearing room! #ADAPTandRESIST — NationalADAPT (@NationalADAPT) September 25, 2017 Save Our Liberty! #ADAPTandRESIST — NationalADAPT (@NationalADAPT) September 25, 2017 I've been covering health care activism from day one and this is a sight that is still hard to make sense of — Jeff Stein (@JStein_Vox) September 25, 2017 Latoya Maddox, 44, came from Philly for this. Said she was very nervous. Has a toddler with asthma who, like her, is on Medicaid — Jeff Stein (@JStein_Vox) September 25, 2017 This isn't the first time Capitol Police have thrown activists with disabilities out of a hearing. In June, 43 demonstrators assembled by the organization were arrested outside of McConnell's office to protest cuts to Medicaid.  Senators McCain, Paul, Collins, and Murkowski have all expressed either opposition or extreme reservations about the bill, which was supposed to be scheduled for a vote sometime this week. WATCH: Take a 'cell-fie' using your phone and this small microscope adapter

In first, woman becomes US Marine Corps infantry officerA female US Marine on Monday became the first woman to complete the Corps' notoriously rigorous training course for infantry officers. Many women serve in the Marines and other branches of America's armed forces but the woman, who has requested that her name not be released, is the first to make it through the Marine Corps' 13-week infantry officer training course. "I am proud of this officer and those in her class," Marine Corps commandant General Robert Neller said.

The U.S. Navy's Nuclear Submarines Could Be Made ObsoleteOn a more human level, it would be interesting to go back in time to World Wars I and II, where a constant refrain of the sailors and airmen who hunted subs was the sheer tedium of the search. Hour after hour after hour of scanning the oceans, in the hope that a needle in the haystack would reveal itself as a sonar contact or a tiny periscope peeking above the surface. If nothing else, farming out sub-hunting to the robots will make chasing subs a bit less dull.

A Ranking of the Richest Women of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" is 10 this year. Here's how much the show has made for the women in the Kardashian-Jenner clan over the years.

Cardi B Is The First Female Rapper To Hit No. 1 Solo In Almost 20 YearsCardi B is making (money) moves to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and breaking records on the way.

Soldier saves lifeless puppy with CPR in tear-worthy viral videoAn emotional video making its way around the internet shows a Thai soldier giving CPR to a tiny lifeless puppy and eventually bringing him back to life.

Watch: ISIS Leaders Laugh in Raqqa as World Hunted ThemThe British men included Jihadi John, executioner of three Americans, and Junaid Hussain, ISIS's cyber chief.

How This Hospital Keeps Sick Turtles Safe During Hurricane SeasonA few days after Hurricane Irma slammed into south Florida ― while there were still tight travel restrictions and curfews in place ― Bette Zirkelbach stocked an ambulance with supplies and raced south.

Singer Jessie James Decker Voices Support For National Anthem Amid ProtestsCountry singer Jessie James Decker spoke out in support of the national anthem amid NFL protests over President Donald Trump’s comments attacking players who choose to kneel during the patriotic song.

As Puerto Rico reels from hurricane, Trump focuses on footballPuerto Rico’s governor, its mayors, and its representative to Congress have all called attention to the island territory’s desperate situation, but the president hasn’t mentioned Puerto Rico on Twitter since the middle of last week. He has largely focused on NFL players instead.

Here's What Farms Do To Hens Who Are Too Old To Lay EggsIt’s not a dumb question to ask, and the answer might surprise you.

NFL Owners Defending 'Take A Knee' Are Missing The Point Of The ProtestsNFL team owners have almost universally defended players who boycotted the national anthem over the weekend amidst criticism from President Donald Trump.

Twitter Points Out Everything That's Wrong With Mason Jar SaladsThe Mason jar has many different roles in the kitchen, and holding salads is one of the newer ones.

Fearing eruption of volcano, thousands begin evacuations in BaliIndonesian authorities raised the alert status for Mount Agung to the highest level on Friday, and people have scattered to all corners of the island.

Tom Brady speaks out on Trump's NFL comments: 'I certainly disagree with what he said'New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady spoke out Monday morning on Trump's criticism of protesting NFL players, saying the comments were "divisive."

Grown-up hair ticks all the boxes at Milan Fashion WeekSleek, sophisticated hair with an edge is the way to go for Spring 2018, if the catwalk looks at Milan Fashion Week are anything to go by. The look was extra glossy at Versace, where the models sported decorative hair pins, and slightly more romantic at Dolce & Gabbana, where the hair was softer, more flyaway, and accessorized with flowers and bejewelled headbands. Shorter, more dramatic styles saw a catwalk resurgence, with Moschino dressing its models in gamine pixie crop wigs, and Giorgio Armani championing the bowl cut.

World War II vet goes viral for taking a knee in solidarity with NFL playersAs controversy surrounding President Trump's comments on NFL players protesting during the National Anthem embroiled the country this weekend, one 97-year-old veteran spoke out.

SitRep: Kurds Vote, as Turks and Iranians Prepare For WarNew travel ban, Russians bomb U.S. allies in Syria

The Milky Way shines down on Mount FujiThis is the mesmerizing image of a colorful Milky Way shining down on Mount Fuji. Steve Lance Lee, 37, captured the sky above the iconic mountain whilst on his honeymoon in Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan. Mount Fuji is illuminated underneath the galaxy of stars, creating an impressive landscape. (Caters News)

Russian state agents behind 'grave violations' in Crimea: UNRussian state agents have committed serious abuses, including torture, in Crimea, the UN said Monday, warning that the rights situation in the annexed peninsula had "significantly deteriorated" under Moscow's occupation. In a fresh report, the UN human rights agency said that Russia's annexation of the Black Sea peninsula in March 2014 had set off a broad crackdown targeting Ukrainian institutions and culture. The report found evidence of "grave human rights violations, such as arbitrary arrests and detentions, enforced disappearances, ill-treatment and torture, and at least one extra-judicial execution", the UN statement said.

What We Know About Tennessee Church GunmanEmanuel Kidega Samson, 25, is accused of killing one person and wounding six in a shooting in a church Sunday.

Couple's dream wedding at Costco is one we can aspire toAh, Costco: Where you can buy your wedding cake, and eat it there too.  As Sue Berkeley and Eli Bob from Sydney, Australia, did, when they got married in the Casula store in front of 90 of their friends and family on Saturday.  SEE ALSO: Wedding guest shares photo of five other people wearing same dress While it might not be the most romantic of locations, the couple said they spend a lot of time in the aisles of the bulk buy supermarket, and so the choice to have it there came naturally. "I get to spend another day at Costco, that I love," Berkeley told A Current Affair. "Where else can I get married to the one I love, in a place that I love, surrounded by the people I love." A post shared by Richard Smith (@rps88a) on Sep 22, 2017 at 10:58pm PDT A post shared by Nick Triantafillou (@xelfer) on Sep 22, 2017 at 5:47pm PDT And so Berkeley walked down the aisle, past the tyre department, to exchange their vows in the food court. We haven't even got to the best part of the whole affair, and that's the food: It cost the couple under A$10 a head to feed the wedding, which consists of the admittedly droolworthy Costco food court staples like pizza, hot dogs and pies. Oh, and unlimited fountain soda, of course. While the couple aren't the first to marry in a Costco, they're certainly the first in Australia to do so.  If you are looking to have your next wedding in one, the offer of a Costco wedding is for "special guests" only, sadly for the rest of us mere mortals hoping for an all-you-can-eat feast at the supermarket... oh and true love, of course. WATCH: Take a 'cell-fie' using your phone and this small microscope adapter

Neil deGrasse Tyson Picks Apart The Science Of Iconic ‘Game Of Thrones’ ScenesAstrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has some good news and bad news for the creative team behind “Game of Thrones.”

Model 'scalped and drained of blood' in murder unprecedented 'outside wartime', reveals LA autopsyAn autopsy report has revealed how a model was scalped and drained of blood, in a murder branded unprecedented “outside of wartime”. Comic book writer Blake Leibel, 35, is charged with the murder of the mother of his child, Ukrainian-born Iana Kasian, 30. The murder took place in May last year and Mr Leibel, the heir to a plastics and property fortune, could be given the death sentence if found guilty, due to the severity of the crime.

One week to cross a street: how IS pinned down Filipino soldiers in MarawiBy Tom Allard MARAWI CITY, Philippines (Reuters) - With a grimace, Brigadier General Melquiades Ordiales of the Philippines 1st Marine Brigade recounted the painful gains made against Islamist militants in Marawi City. "It took us one week from this point to that point, to cross that street," he said, casting his eyes to the other side of a two-lane road in the heart of the southern Philippines city, lined by three-storey buildings shattered by air strikes and the remaining walls riddled with bullet holes. "It was really very, very tough." The grinding urban warfare that has destroyed much of the grandly named Sultan Omar Dianalan Boulevard shows just how much of a threat Islamic State is to the Philippines and potentially other countries in the Southeast Asian region.

Woman Bitten Several Times By Copperhead Snake At LongHorn SteakhouseCopperhead snakes bite more people in the U.S. than any other snake species. Although their bites are typically not fatal to humans but are serious and should be treated with medical attention immediately.

Chinese ships sail near disputed islands with JapanThe four ships entered the waters surrounding the island chain, controlled by Japan and known as Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu in China, at around 10:00 am (0100 GMT) and were moving in a southwest direction, according to the Japanese coast guard. Japan's coast guard said it was the second time since Thursday that four Chinese ships had entered its waters.

5 things to know about Germany's surging nationalist partyBERLIN (AP) — Alternative for Germany was founded four years ago at the height of the eurozone crisis, when opposition to a German bailout of other countries using the common currency was strong.

'World's heaviest woman' dies in Abu Dhabi hospitalAn Egyptian believed to be the world's heaviest woman died Monday of heart and kidney failure at an Abu Dhabi hospital, following months of treatment to help her lose weight and one day walk again. A team of more than 20 doctors had been caring for the bedridden Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, 37, since her arrival at Burjeel Hospital in May. El Aty first sought treatment in India, travelling from the port city of Alexandria to Mumbai aboard a specially modified Airbus in early February.

At Least 1 Person Was Killed in Tennessee Church Shooting. Here’s What We KnowAt least one woman was killed and seven people were injured Sunday when a masked gunman opened fire outside a Tennessee church, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Polish president unveils court reform in democratic litmus testBy Pawel Sobczak WARSAW (Reuters) - Polish President Andrzej Duda unveiled proposals on Monday for judiciary reform that is viewed by the European Union and critics of the government as a crucial gauge of Warsaw's adherence to rule-of-law standards. Duda, an ally of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, unexpectedly vetoed its overhaul of the judiciary in July after the proposals triggered nationwide protests and raised EU and U.S. concerns about a politicization of the courts. The eurosceptic PiS says reform of the judicial system is needed because the courts are slow, inefficient and steeped in a communist-era mentality, but critics of the plans say the new rules are part of a bigger drive toward authoritarianism.

White House Aide Struggles To Defend GOP Bill's Pre-Existing Conditions LoopholeA top Trump administration official ended up conceding on Sunday that individuals with pre-existing medical conditions might end up with higher premiums under the latest effort by Senate Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act. On “Fox News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace pressed White House director of legislative affairs Marc Short about a provision in the GOP repeal bill that would allow states to seek a waiver from rules barring insurers from charging people with pre-existing conditions higher premiums.

1st cruise ship since Irma docks in Key WestKEY WEST, Fla. (AP) — Royal Caribbean International's Empress of the Seas docked in Key West on Sunday - the first cruise ship to visit since Hurricane Irma struck the Florida Keys earlier this month.

Milo Yiannopoulos Flounders At Desperate 'Free Speech' Rally On UC Berkeley CampusWhat was supposed to be his four-day Woodstock at the University of California turned out to be his alt-right Fyre Festival. As he admitted defeat, he promised an “unofficial” rally for his followers on Sunday, effectively mobilizing hordes of counterprotesters, anti-fascists and anyone in his far-right brigade brave enough to face them. The “rally” at Sproul Plaza on campus brought hundreds of demonstrators out, including Antifa activists and Yiannopoulos supporters.

One Killed, Several Wounded in Church Shooting in TennesseeThe shooter was also reportedly shot and taken into custody.

Russia, Syria intensify bombing of rebel-held Idlib, witnesses sayBy Suleiman Al-Khalidi AMMAN (Reuters) - Russian and Syrian jets escalated strikes on rebel-held Idlib and Hama provinces, several days after jihadist rebels opened an offensive against government-held parts of northwestern Syria, rebels and witnesses said on Sunday. The bombing campaign in heavily populated civilian areas shattered six months of relative calm. Russian-inspired ceasefires had given a temporary reprieve to tens of thousands of people living in rebel-held northwestern Syria.

German election 2017 polls and odds tracker: Will Angela Merkel remain as Chancellor?The German election takes place this Sunday, with Chancellor Angela Merkel heavy favourite to defend her position against Martin Schulz for a fourth term in power. Polls currently show that Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party - with its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU) - will be the largest party after the Bundestag election on 24 September, but they will fall short of a majority. This is common in Germany, and so the resulting parliament is in part determined by how the smaller parties perform, and which coalition possibilities will be born. German election poll tracker How does the German voting system work? Each person casts two votes in the Bundestag election, to allocate a total of 598 seats. Half of these are to elect a local MP by constituency, in a first-past-the-post fashion. The remaining 299 votes are elected via party lists, allocated near-proportionately to the party vote share in each of Germany’s 16 federal states. To be included in this seat allocation process, a party must achieve five per cent of the national vote.  2013 German Federal Election Results Map This second round of seat allocation also means that the total number of MPs can be higher, with politicians elected in "overhang seats" in order to balance the state- and constituency-level votes. The most recent parliament had 32 overhang seats, taking the total up to 631 MPs. This allows voters to represent their interests locally through their chosen representative, as well as nationally in the party they feel will be strongest in the Bundestag. In the end, the seat share for each party ends up very similar to their vote share - unlike the system used in the UK's parliamentary elections. Graphic: The German electoral system So who will win the German election and when will we know the results? Merkel's CDU is looking most likely to win the most seats in the Bundestag - for the fourth election in a row.  The SPD, led by former President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, is in second place in the polls - securing around a quarter of the vote. The AfD - the far-right Alternative for Germany party - had enjoyed a slight rise in the polls in 2016 but have since collapsed into in-fighting and unpopularity. German election projected seat share In reality, the CDU will have to seek a coalition agreement with the SPD or one of the other minor parties to form a government.  We should know who has won the election by 6pm BST this Sunday, when voting ends and the exit poll is released, although it won't be several more weeks until a coalition government is officially agreed. The return of the far-right A late surge in support has propelled the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party into third place in the opinion polls with just days to go before the ballot. Last time around the party, fighting in it's first federal election, failed to win a constituency outright and fell just short of the five per cent required in order to secure MPs via the secondary proportional representation stage of the election. The rise of the AfD This time however they seem guaranteed to win representation in the Bundestag with the latest polling average putting them at slightly over 10 per cent. YouGov's Multilevel Regression with Poststratification model puts them on 12 per cent. Were the AfD to secure a third place finish they could find themselves becoming the main opposition party in Germany if Merkel's CDU/CSU party decide to extend their Grand Coalition with the SPD. AfD support mapped Potential coalitions The centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) has been in coalition with centre-right CDU in this current government, as well as in Merkel's first term. These two parties are Germany’s biggest, leading to a union dubbed the "Grand Coalition". The polls are currently suggesting that Germans are content with their current government, which means a Grand Coalition could happen for a third time in just four elections. Another option is a Black-Yellow coalition, consisting of Merkel's CDU party propped up by the smaller Free Democratic Party (FDP). This would take Merkel over the target needed for a majority, and was the option the party opted for in 2009-2013.  The only situation that poses a risk to Merkel’s leadership is a left-wing "Red-Red-Green" coalition, led by the SPD's Martin Schulz. For this, he would have to gather enough seats together alongside the Linke (Left) and Grüne (Greens) parties. German election coalition scenarios What do the parties stand for? The main parties standing in the election are as follows: Christian Democrats (CDU): The leading party in Germany, headed by Angela Merkel. The centre-right group - made up of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) - they have employment, tax cuts and ongoing public investment at the forefront of their manifesto. Social Democrats (SPD): Led by Martin Schulz, the centre-left are vying to make another Grand Coalition to remain in government. The party polled well following the election of their new leader, but then suffered once again in regional polls. The SPD is a traditionally working class party, pledging investment in education and infrastructure, funded by higher taxes for the rich. Left (Linke): Led by Sahra Wagenknecht and loosely descended from the East German communists. This small party, often used as a protest vote, is campaigning for a rise in national minimum wage, a rejection of military missions abroad and the dissolution of NATO. Green (Grüne): Led by co-chairs Katrin Göring-Eckardt and Cem Özdemir, this party could be the coalition kingmakers. They rely on educated, urban citizens, focusing on the environment, taxes and social policies. Free Democratic Party (FDP): Led by Christian Lindner, the party was Merkel's junior coalition party in her second term. It failed to reach five per cent of the vote to allow another coalition in 2013. The party campaigns for tax cuts and to remain in financial markets - particularly within the EU. Alternative for Germany (AfD): A right-wing populist party lead by Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland. The party's hardline anti-EU, anti-immigration views have attracted voters from almost all of the other parties, especially among lower income households. Graphic: Germany’s political spectrum What are the betting odds for the German Bundestag election? Political pollsters have taken a beating recently after failing to predict a British Hung Parliament in 2017, a Leave vote last summer and a Donald Trump victory in November. For those who have lost faith in polling, there is another way of predicting electoral outcomes: ask people who are prepared to put their money where their mouth is. Many now believe that political betting markets can better predict elections, relying on the wisdom of a crowd of punters to sort and weigh all the probabilities. Coral's latest odds for the election have Mrs Merkel as most likely to continue as Chancellor after the election. The latest odds for the party to emerge with the most seats are: CDU/ CSU - 1/100 SPD - 16/1 AfD - 100/1 Die Linke - 100/1 Greens - 100/1 FDP - 100/1   Our poll tracker takes in national polls from a range of German pollsters: INSA, Infratest Dimap, Emnid, Forsa, Forschungsgruppe Wahlen, Allensbach and IPSOS. Their individual polls, while of different sample sizes, use nationally representative samples. Our seat share projection is based on the average of the last eight polls, excluding any parties that are polling at under five per cent, as the German proportional top-up system does.

U.S. allied Syrian groups form civilian council to run Deir al-ZorBy Rodi Said Deir al Zor, SYRIA (Reuters) - U.S.-allied militias in northern Syria announced on Saturday the formation of a civilian council to govern the oil rich eastern province of Deir al Zor where they are racing with the Syrian army to capture territory held by Islamic State. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which includes Arab militias but is dominated by the powerful Kurdish YPG militia, launched an operation in Deir Zor province which borders Iraq earlier this month which captured its northern countryside and advanced east of the Euphrates River.

Forget Cheat ‘Sheet’ — Student Outwits Professor With Enormous 'Cheat Poster'When Professor Reb Beatty of Maryland’s Anne Arundel Community College arrived at his accounting class to administer a test last week, he hardly could have imagined that he’d be the one getting outsmarted. In a Sept. 20 Facebook post that’s since gone viral, Beatty explained that he’d told his students that they were allowed to bring in a “3x5” cheat sheet to use during the test. Beatty, however, failed to specify the unit of measurement he was referring to.