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Half of Voters Want Democrats to Control Congress, Poll FindsIt's not good news for the Republicans

Hundreds of People Fell Sick on a Royal Caribbean CruiseSome passengers told local media they were happy to get off the ship

From Alien Skulls to Bears: Weird Things People Think They’ve Found on MarsEagle-eyed Mars fans think they've found some crazy stuff in NASA's photos.

French Sailor Breaks Solo Around-the-World RecordFrancois Gabart circumnavigated the planet in just 42 days and 16 hours

Ancient Egypt: Archaeologists Discover Child Graves Containing Jewelry and Amulets in Temple QuarryArchaeologists in Upper Egypt discovered four intact children’s graves at a quarry that once provided stone for the temples and tombs of the 15th century B.C. The youngest of the children was 2 or 3 years old at the time of death, according to Live Science. The child graves aren’t the first to be discovered at the quarry, which is known as Gebel el-Silsila. Over the last couple of years, researchers have recorded 69 tombs at the site, most of which had been long since looted, as Live Science reported.

Giant Volcano Erupting in Bali Could Help Predict Future Deadly Lava FlowsUnderstanding what a volcano might do requires having great data about what's happening under Earth's surface, and that data is really hard to get. Mt. Agung began erupting on November 21 after catching scientists' eyes with a huge spurt of earthquakes in September.

Neuroscience Has a Lot To Learn from BuddhismCan training the mind make us more attentive, altruistic, and serene? Can we learn to manage our disturbing emotions in an optimal way? What are the transformations that occur in the brain when we practice meditation? In a new book titled Beyond the Self, two friends—Matthieu Ricard, who left a career as a molecular biologist to become a Buddhist monk in Nepal, and Wolf Singer, a distinguished neuroscientist—engage in an unusually well-matched conversation about meditation and the brain. Below is a condensed and edited excerpt.

3 astronauts blast off for International Space StationA capsule carrying three astronauts from Russia, Japan and the United States has blasted off for a two-day trip to the International Space Station

Taiwan steel firm behind toxic dump in Vietnam fined againA Taiwanese steel firm behind a toxic spill that killed tonnes of fish in central Vietnam last year was fined for a second time for illegally burying "harmful" waste, official sources said Sunday. The deadly dump from Formosa's $11 billion steel plant in Ha Tinh province sparked one of the country's worst environmental catastrophes, decimating livelihoods along swathes of coastline and prompting months of rare protests in the authoritarian country. The firm was initially fined $500 million for pouring toxic chemicals -- including cyanide -- into the ocean in April 2016, and has now been ordered to pay an additional $25,000 on separate charges of burying harmful solid waste in the ground, according to the official Cong Ly newspaper.

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need? Fruit Flies Might Shed Light on the AnswerIn a new study published on Thursday in the journal PLOS Genetics, researchers used artificially bred fruit flies to examine the role of genes in the sleep process. “This study is an important step toward solving one of the biggest mysteries in biology: the need to sleep,” lead study author Susan Harbison, an investigator in the Laboratory of Systems Genetics at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), said in a statement. Harbison and her colleagues analyzed 13 generations of wild fruit flies—some of which they bred to sleep up to 18 hours each day, while others were bred to sleep only three hours each day.

Egypt Reopens Ancient Library Holding Thousands of Centuries-Old ManuscriptsThe library holds thousands of religious and historical manuscripts

Spain Arrests Suspect Wanted in Italy for Multiple KillingsHe was arrested after three were killed in Spain, including two Civil Guards

Billionaire and His Wife Found Dead in Toronto MansionBarry Sherman founded the pharmaceutical company Apotex

What will net neutrality FCC repeal vote mean?Technology and politics reporter for The Hill provides insight.

Soccer Coach Accused of Running Away With Teen Girl Returns to FloridaA Florida soccer coach arrested in New York after accusations that he ran away with a teenage girl has been returned to his home state

Cow Escapes Live Nativity Scene Twice and Wanders the Streets of PhiladelphiaStormy was returned after two adventures on snowy downtown streets

Uber Driver Accused of Raping 16-Year-Old PassengerPolice fear there may be other victims

Mammoth skeleton sells for nearly 550,000  euros at French auctionThe nearly intact skeleton of a woolly mammoth that lived at least 10,000 years ago was sold at auction for more than a half million euros Saturday in the southeastern French city of Lyon. The giant skeleton -- mounted in a forward walking position with its enormous curved tusks with tones of caramel and ivory facing slightly downward -- was bought by the chief executive of a French waterproofing company whose logo is of the prehistoric mammal. "We are going to display it in the lobby of our firm," said Pierre-Etienne Bindschedler, the CEO of Soprema.

Police Investigating Possible Link Between Human Remains and 3 Young Boys Missing Since 2010The boys' father is currently in prison for charges related to the case

The Vatican Bans Sales of Saints' Body Parts in Updated Relic RulesThe new rules govern how body parts and cremated remains are to be handled

Lorenzen Wright's Ex-Wife Has Just Been Charged With His 2010 MurderAuthorities say Sherra Wright, the ex-wife of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, has been charged with first-degree murder in his death

Third Sea Lion Attack in a Week Prompts Swimming Ban at San Francisco Park"I haven’t had a single sea lion or wildlife attack like this."

Female Congressional Candidate Quits Race Over Sexual Harassment AllegationsAndrea Ramsey is accused of sexually harassing a male subordinate in 2005

Life on the Moon: NASA Technologist Describes Our Future Lunar ColonyPresident Donald Trump signed a directive this week that includes an initiative to send astronauts to the moon—and eventually to Mars. A full moon also referred to as a "super moon" rises in the sky behind New York's Lower Manhattan and One World Trade Center as a plane passes through it as seen from the Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, New Jersey, June 23, 2013. First we have 2-dimensional structures, and that’s things like landing pads, roads, parking lots, dust-free zones, even thermal areas that retain the heat for the lunar nights.

Romanians Pay Their Respects During King Michael's FuneralMichael ruled Romania twice before being forced to abdicate in 1947

Space photography puts 2017’s biggest news events in perspectiveThanks to the massive scale of 2017’s various disasters and crises, satellites and astronauts captured more than a few major news events while orbiting Earth this year. The resulting images offer a sharp “before and after” contrasts, crystallizing and simplifying complex events with arresting clarity and offering fresh perspectives on a long year. Here’s our…

7 words the CDC is reportedly banned from using include 'transgender' and 'science-based'Here are the words Donald Trump's White House has forbidden the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from including in documents being prepared for next year's budget, according to an unnamed CDC analyst who talked to the Washington Post:  vulnerable entitlement diversity  transgender  fetus evidence-based science-based The analyst learned of the directive at a "meeting Thursday with senior CDC officials," the Post reported.  SEE ALSO: Journalists are being jailed for 'fake news,' and critics blame Trump "The reaction of people in the meeting was 'incredulous,'" the analyst said. "It was very much, 'Are you serious? Are you kidding?' " They weren't told why the words were banned, but you can draw your own conclusions.  Mashable reached out to the CDC for comment, but the agency did not immediately reply.  Here's another puzzling and troubling excerpt from the WaPo story: Well, great, because who wants the agency responsible for stopping epidemics from using science-based solutions? As the Post notes, the CDC is tasked with studying the effects of Zika on fetuses and stopping the spread of HIV in transgender populations, so it looks like officials might have to get creative with their language when writing their reports.  WATCH: Someone shaved Donald Trump into the back of their head and it's frightening AF

SETI scientists report radio silence from interstellar object but will keep listeningNews Brief: The scientists behind the Breakthrough Listen initiative say they haven’t detected any radio signals coming from a strange interstellar object known as ‘Oumuamua, but there are still more observations to be made and analyzed. About 90 trillion bytes of data were collected Wednesday during the first of four planned listening sessions at the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia. The Breakthrough Listen science team at the University of California at Berkeley has put out a call for outside experts to lend a hand with analysis of the data. ‘Oumuamua has sparked interest because it’s a visitor from far beyond our… Read More

NASA drops replica Orion spacecraft to test parachutesYUMA, Ariz. (AP) — NASA on Friday successfully dropped a replica Orion spacecraft from an Air Force transport aircraft to a southwestern Arizona desert site to test the craft's ability to cope with a partial parachute failure.

The family that doesn't feel painThe experience of six related Italians may help to find a new treatment for people with chronic pain.

Young computer experts exploited video game for mayhemThe hackers were targeting the server hosts that provide protection against botnet attacks for 'Minecraft' players, hoping then to provide such protection themselves and make millions; James Rosen has the story for 'Special Report.'

Eat your heart out, ‘Avatar’ fans: MIT just figured out how to make plants glowBy embedding nanoparticles into the leaves of an otherwise ordinary watercress plant, MIT scientists have managed to make a plant glow in the dark. The next step? Replacing our desk lamps. Seriously.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines For You Last-Minute ShoppersIf you’re anything like us, you probably waited until now to finish up your holiday shopping.

SpaceX makes history by launching first NASA mission with...SpaceX is now the first private company to launch a NASA resupply mission with a used rocket.

A bird, a plane, a polar bear? Wild guests at Alaska airportANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Scott Babcock was wrapping up an early morning runway inspection at America's farthest north airport when he saw what he thought were a couple of wolves.