The Excel Cube functions perform calculations and extract data from a cube, which is stored on an external SQL server. These functions are only supported with a connection to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services or later data source.

CUBEKPIMEMBERReturns a key performance indicator (KPI) property and displays the KPI name in the cell. A KPI is a quantifiable measurement, such as monthly gross profit or quarterly employee turnover, that is used to monitor an organization's performance (New in Excel 2007)
CUBEMEMBERReturns a member or tuple from the cube. Use to validate that the member or tuple exists in the cube (New in Excel 2007)
CUBEMEMBERPROPERTYReturns the value of a member property from the cube. Use to validate that a member name exists within the cube and to return the specified property for this member (New in Excel 2007)
CUBERANKEDMEMBERReturns the nth, or ranked, member in a set. Use to return one or more elements in a set, such as the top sales performer or the top 10 students (New in Excel 2007)
CUBESETDefines a calculated set of members or tuples by sending a set expression to the cube on the server, which creates the set, and then returns that set to Microsoft Office Excel (New in Excel 2007)
CUBESETCOUNTReturns the number of items in a set (New in Excel 2007)
CUBEVALUEReturns an aggregated value from the cube (New in Excel 2007)