The DAY function returns the day as a number (1-31) from a date.




Argument Description
serial_number The date of the day you are trying to find

Note: The serial_number argument is the date that you want to return the year from. This can be supplied to the DAY function as either:

  • References to cells containing dates, or
  • Dates returned from formulas

If you attempt to input the date arguments as text, Excel may misinterpret them, due to different date systems, or date interpretation settings.

Warning: Although you can input the date arguments as date serial numbers, this is not recommended as date serial numbering does vary across different computer systems.


  A B C D
1 Date Formula Result Notes
2 1/1/2013 =DAY(A2) 1 Date must be Excel serial format
3 Monday, June 01, 1976  =DAY(A3) 1
4 4-Jun =DAY(A4) 4
5 30-Jul-2015 =DAY(A5) 30

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
Result looks like a date, e.g. “01/01/1900”, instead of an integer Likely due to cell formatting, i.e. the function has returned the correct value, but the cell is formatted as a ‘date’, instead of an integer