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The EOMONTH function returns the last day of the month, that is a specified number of months before or after an initial supplied start date.




Argument Description
start_date The initial starting date
months The number of months to add to, or subtract from, the start_date, before returning the last day of the resulting month.

Note: When supplying a date to a function, this should be input as either:

  • A reference to a cell containing a date, or
  • A date returned from another function or formula

Warning: If you attempt to input a date argument as text, the interpretation of this may differ, depending on the date system and date interpretation settings on your computer.


  A B C D E
1 Start date Months Formula Result Notes
2 Sun 30-Mar-2014 1 =EOMONTH(A2,B2) Wed 30-Apr-2014 The last day of the month after the start date
3 Sun 30-Mar-2014 -1 =EOMONTH(A3,B3) Fri 28-Feb-2014 The last day of the month prior to the start date
4 Sat 15-Feb-2014 3 =EOMONTH(A4,B4) Sat 31-May-2014 The last day of the third month after the start date
5 Sun 30-Mar-2014 24 =EOMONTH(A5,B5) Thu 31-Mar-2014 Years are automatically incremented

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
#VALUE! Occurs if either any of the supplied arguments are not numeric
#NUM! Occurs if the start_date is not a valid date, or the start_date plus the months argument is not a valid date