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The NETWORKDAYS function calculates and returns the number of whole work days between two supplied dates. This includes all weekdays (Mon – Fri), excluding a supplied list of holidays.




Argument Description
start_date The start of the period for which we are counting days (the start date is counted in the returned number of days)
end_date The end of the period for which we are counting days (the end date is counted in the returned number of days)
[holidays] An optional argument, which specifies an array of dates (in addition to weekends) that are not to be counted as working days

Note: the start_date, end_date and [holidays] arguments should be input as either:

  • References to cells containing dates, or
  • Dates returned from formulas

If date arguments are entered as text, Excel may misinterpret them, due to different date interpretations by different systems or settings.

Warning: Although you can input date arguments as date serial numbers, this is not recommended as date serial numbering does vary across different computer systems.


  A B C D E
1 Start_date End_date Formula Result Notes
2 1/1/2014 12/31/2014 =NETWORKDAYS(A2,B2) 261 Weekends have been excluded
3 12/23/2014 12/31/2014 =NETWORKDAYS(A3,B3) 7 Weekend excluded
4 12/23/2014 12/31/2014 =NETWORKDAYS(A4,B4,B7:B8) 5 Weekend and holidays excluded
6 Holidays      
7 Christmas eve 24-Dec-2014      
8 Christmas day 25-Dec-2014      

Usage note: NETWORKDAYS can be used to calculate employee benefits that accrue based on days worked, the number of working days available in a certain time range.

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
#VALUE! Occurs if any of the supplied arguments are not valid dates
#NAME? Occurs when Excel does not recognise a function name. This may be because you have made a mistake when typing the NETWORKDAYS function name into Excel