The CONVERT function converts a number from one measurement system to another. For example, CONVERT can translate a table of distances in miles to a table of distances in kilometers.

  • This function was introduced in Excel 2007 and so is not available in earlier versions.




Argument Description
number The numerical value in from_unit to be converted
from_unit A text string, denoting the current unit for the original number
to_unit A text string, denoting the unit to which number is to be converted. CONVERT accepts the following text values, in quotation marks, for from_unit and to_unit:
CategoryUnit of Measurefrom_unit / to_unit
AreaInternational acre"uk_acre"
AreaSquare angstrom"ang2" or “ang^2"
AreaSquare feet"ft2" or "ft^2"
AreaSquare inches"in2" or "in^2"
AreaSquare light-year"ly2" or "ly^2"
AreaSquare meters"m2" or "m^2"
AreaSquare miles"mi2" or "mi^2"
AreaSquare nautical miles"Nmi2" or "Nmi^2"
AreaSquare Pica"Picapt2", "Pica2", "Pica^2" or "Picapt^2"
AreaSquare yards"yd2" or "yd^2"
AreaU.S. survey/statute acre"us_acre"
DistanceNautical mile"Nmi"
DistanceParsec"parsec" or "pc"
DistancePica (1/6 inch)"pica"
DistancePica (1/72 inch)"Picapt" or "Pica"
DistanceStatute mile"mi"
DistanceU.S survey mile (statute mile)"survey_mi"
EnergyBTU"BTU" (or "btu")
EnergyElectron volt"eV" (or "ev")
EnergyHorsepower-hour"HPh" (or "hh")
EnergyIT calorie"cal"
EnergyThermodynamic calorie"c"
EnergyWatt-hour"Wh" (or "wh")
ForceDyne"dyn" (or "dy")
ForcePound force"lbf"
PowerHorsepower"HP" (or "h")
PowerWatt"W" (or "w")
PressureAtmosphere"atm" (or "at")
Pressuremm of Mercury"mmHg"
PressurePascal"Pa" (or "p")
SpeedAdmiralty knot"admkn"
SpeedMeters per hour"m/h" or "m/hr"
SpeedMeters per second"m/s" or "m/sec"
SpeedMiles per hour"mph"
TemperatureDegree Celsius"C" (or "cel")
TemperatureDegree Fahrenheit"F" (or "fah")
TemperatureDegrees Rankine"Rank"
TemperatureDegrees Réaumur"Reau"
TemperatureKelvin"K" (or "kel")
TimeDay"day" or "d"
TimeMinute"mn" or "min"
TimeSecond"sec" or "s"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Cubic angstrom"ang3" or "ang^3"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Cubic feet"ft3" or "ft^3"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Cubic inch"in3" or "in^3"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Cubic light-year"ly3" or "ly^3"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Cubic meter"m3" or "m^3"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Cubic Mile"mi3" or "mi^3"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Cubic nautical mile"Nmi3" or "Nmi^3"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Cubic Pica"Picapt3", "Picapt^3", "Pica3" or "Pica^3"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Cubic yard"yd3" or "yd^3"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Cup"cup"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Fluid ounce"oz"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Gallon"gal"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Gross Registered Ton"GRT"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Imperial gallon (U.K.)"uk_gal"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Imperial quart (U.K.)"uk_qt"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Liter"l" or "L" ("lt")
Volume (or l iquid measure )Measurement ton (freight ton)"MTON"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Modern teaspoon"tspm"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Quart"qt"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Tablespoon"tbs"
Volume (or l iquid measure )Teaspoon"tsp"
Volume (or l iquid measure )U.K. pint"uk_pt"
Volume (or l iquid measure )U.S. bushel"bushel"
Volume (or l iquid measure )U.S. oil barrel"barrel"
Volume (or l iquid measure )U.S. pint"pt" or "us_pt"
Weight and massGrain"grain"
Weight and massGram"g"
Weight and massImperial hundredweight"uk_cwt: or "lcwt" ("hweight")
Weight and massImperial ton"uk_ton" or "LTON" ("brton")
Weight and massOunce mass"ozm"
Weight and massPound mass"lbm"
Weight and massSlug"sg"
Weight and massStone"stone"
Weight and massTon"ton"
Weight and massU (atomic mass unit)"u"
Weight and massU.S. (short) hundredweight"cwt" or "shweight"

The following abbreviated unit prefixes can be prepended to any metric from_unit or to_unit:

Prefix Multiplier Abbrievation
yotta 1E+24 “Y”
zetta 1E+21 “Z”
exa 1E+18 “E”
peta 1E+15 “P”
tera 1E+12 “T”
giga 1E+09 “G”
mega 1E+06 “M”
kilo 1E+03 “k”
hecto 1E+02 “h”
dekao 1E+01 “da” or “e”
deci 1E-01 “d”
centi 1E-02 “c”
milli 1E-03 “m”
micro 1E-06 “u”
nano 1E-09 “n”
pico 1E-12 “p”
femto 1E-15 “f”
atto 1E-18 “a”
zepto 1E-21 “z”
yocto 1E-24 “y”
Binary Prefix Prefix Value Abbreviation
yobi 2^80 “Yi”
zebi 2^70 “Zi”
exbi 2^60 “Ei”
pebi 2^50 “Pi”
tebi 2^40 “Ti”
gibi 2^30 “Gi”
mebi 2^20 “Mi”
kibi 2^10 “Ki”


  A B C
1 Formula Result Notes
2 =CONVERT(1,”lbm”,”kg”) 0.4535924 Converts 1 pound mass to kilograms
3 =CONVERT(CONVERT(100,”ft”,”m”),”ft”,”m”) 9.290304 Converts 100 square feet into square meters
4 =CONVERT( 5,”gal”,”l”) 18.92705892 Converts 5 gallons into liters
5 =CONVERT(68,”F”,”C”) 20 Converts 68 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius
6 =CONVERT(2.5,”ft”,”sec”) #N/A Data types are not the same, so an error is returned

Note: The from_unit and to_unit arguments must be the same measurement types, e.g. distance in miles & distance in kilometers.

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
#VALUE! Occurs if any of the input data types are incorrect
#N/A Occurs if either:

  the two units supplied are not compatible, i.e. if the conversion from the from_unit to the to_unit does not make sense
  one of the supplied units, the from_unit or the to_unit, is not a recognized abbreviated unit type