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The DELTA function tests two numbers for equality and returns 1 if the two supplied numbers are equal and 0 otherwise. 




Argument Description
num_1 The first number
[num_2] Optional. The second number. If omitted, [num_2] is assumed to be zero


  A B C
1 Formula Result Notes
2 =DELTA(5,4) 0 Checks whether 5 equals 4
3 =DELTA(5,5) 1 Checks whether 5 equals 5
4 =DELTA(0) 1 Since [num_2] was omitted it defaults to 0; so formula checks whether 0 equals 0

Usage note: Use this function to filter a set of values. For example, by summing several DELTA functions you calculate the count of equal pairs. This function is also known as the Kronecker Delta function.

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
#VALUE! Occurs if any of the supplied num arguments are not numeric
#NAME? Occurs when Analysis ToolPak add-in is not enabled