The EXACT function tests if two supplied text strings are exactly equal and if so, returns TRUE; Otherwise, the function returns FALSE.




Argument Description
text1 The first text string to compare
text2 The second text string to compare


  • The EXACT function is case-sensitive
  • The EXACT function will also work with numbers and logical values


  A B C D E
1 Text 1 Text 2 Formula Result Notes
2 Apple Apple =EXACT(A2,B2) TRUE  
3 Apple apple =EXACT(A3,B3) FALSE The EXACT function is case sensitive
4 235.254 235.254 =EXACT(A4,B4) TRUE  
5 0.5 12:00 =EXACT(A5,B5) TRUE A5 and B5 both have the same numerical value and so are exactly equal