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The NUMBERVALUE function converts text to a number.

  • This function was introduced in Excel 2013 and so is not available in earlier versions.




Argument Description
text The text to convert to a number
[decimal_separator] Optional. The character used to separate the integer and fractional part of the result
[group_separator] Optional. The character used to separate groupings of numbers, such as thousands from hundreds and millions from thousands


  A B C D
1 Text Formula Result Notes
2   =NUMBERVALUE(“2.500,27″,”,”,”.”) 2,500.27 The decimal separator of the text argument in the example is specified in the second argument as a comma, and the group separator is specified in the third argument as a period.
3 3.5% =NUMBERVALUE(A3) 0.035 Because no optional arguments are specified, the decimal and group separators of the current locale are used. The % symbol is not shown, although the percentage is calculated.
4 1.000,50 =NUMBERVALUE(A4,”,”,”.”) 1,000.50  

Usage note: Convert values that are treated as text because of the use of standard decimal and thousand separators to usable text.

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
#VALUE! Occurs if either:

  the [decimal_separator] occurs more than once in the text argument
  the [group_separator] occurs after the [decimal_separator] within the supplied text argument
  any of the supplied arguments are not valid