The T function tests if a supplied value is text and if so, returns the supplied text; Otherwise, the function returns an empty text string.




Argument Description
value The value to tested as text


  • The value argument can be supplied to the function directly or as a reference to a cell containing a value.
  • If value is or refers to text, T returns value. If value does not refer to text, T returns “” (empty text).
  • You do not generally need to use the T function in a formula because Excel automatically converts values as necessary. This function is provided for compatibility with other spreadsheet programs.


  A B C D
1 Value Formula Result Notes
2 test =T(A2) test  
3 50 =T(A3)   Test value is a number so the function returns “” (an empty text string)
4 FALSE =T(A4)   Test value is a logical value so the function returns “” (an empty text string)