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The UPPER function converts all characters in a supplied text string to upper case.




Argument Description
text The text you want converted to uppercase. The text argument can be a reference or text string

Note: Numbers and punctuation characters are not affected.


  A B C D
1 Text Formula Result Notes
2 to bE or NoT To be =UPPER(A2) TO BE OR NOT TO BE  
3 zachary     taylor =UPPER(A3) ZACHARY     TAYLOR Spaces are not affected
4 san diego, CA =UPPER(A4) SAN DIEGO, CA  
5 betty’s basic math =UPPER(A5) BETTY’S BASIC MATH Punctuation characters are not affected
6 10th edition =UPPER(A6) 10TH EDITION Numbers are not affected

Usage note: When text data is imported or copied into an Excel spreadsheet sometimes the words have incorrect capitalization.

  • If you want to capitalizes the first letter in a text string and any other letters in text that follow any character other than a letter, please use PROPER function.
  • If you want to converts all uppercase letters in a text string to lowercase, please use LOWER function.