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The VALUE function converts a text string that represents a number to a number. 




Argument Description
text A text string that can be translated into a number

Usage note: If you want to extract a numeric value from a text string, you need to convert this to a number, before Excel will be able to recognize it as a numeric value.

  • Excel stores values as either text or numeric values, so, if you attempt to use the text value “10” in an addition, multiplication, or other numeric operation, you will get an error.
  • The text can be in any of the constant number, date, or time formats recognized by Excel
  • The VALUE function is not generally needed in a formula because Excel automatically converts text to numbers as necessary


  A B C D
1 Value Formula Result Notes
2 50 =VALUE(A2) 50 =TIME(4,33,32)
3   =VALUE(“1.0E-6”) 0.000001 The function understands the text value “1.0E-6” to represent the scientific notation for the number 0.000001
4 5,000 =VALUE(A4) 5000 The function understands the text value “5,000” to represent the number 5000
5 $100 =VALUE(A5) #VALUE! The function is not able to interpret the currency $ symbol as part of a number, so it produces the #VALUE! error message

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
#VALUE! Occurs if the supplied text argument cannot be interpreted as a numeric value