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The SLN function calculates the straight line depreciation of an asset for one period.




Argument Description
cost The initial cost of the asset
salvage The value of the asset at the end of the depreciation
life The number of periods over which the asset is to be depreciated


  A B C E
1 Data      
2 $30,000 Initial cost    
3 $3,000 Salvage value    
4 10 Life (years)    
6 Formula Result Notes
7 =SLN(A2,A3,A4) $2,700.00 The depreciation allowance for each year = (30000-3000)/10

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
#VALUE! Occurs if any of the supplied arguments are not numeric values
#DIV/0! Occurs if the supplied life argument is 0

Straight line depreciation is most simple way of calculating the depreciation of an asset.

This method simply subtracts a fixed amount from the value of an asset during each period of the asset’s lifetime. Therefore, the straight line depreciation for one period is calculated by the following equation:

    \[  \text{SLN} = \frac{(cost - salvage)}{life}  \]