The INFO function returns a text string containing information about the current operating environment.




Argument Description
type_text A text string that specifies the type of information to be returned. The different types of information that the INFO function can return are shown in the table below:

type_text Information Returned
“directory” Path of the current directory
“numfile” The number of the active worksheets in all currently open Excel workbooks
“origin” Returns the top left cell reference of the current worksheet and the top left cell that is currently visible in the scrolled area of the current worksheet
“osversion” Current operating system version
“recalc” Current recalculation mode, either “Automatic” or “Manual”
“release” Current version of Microsoft Excel
“system” Current operating system; “mac” = MacIntosh or “pcdos” = Windows


  A B
1 Formula Result
2 =INFO(“directory”) C:\Documents and Settings\
3 =INFO(“origin”) $A:$A$1
4 =INFO(“osversion”) Windows (32-bit) NT 6.01
5 =INFO(“system”) pcdos
6 =INFO(“recalc”) Automatic

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
#VALUE! Occurs if the type_text argument is any value that is not recognized as one of the values in the table above
#N/A! Occurs if the type_text argument is “memavail” or “memused”, which were used in old versions of Excel, but are no longer supported