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The ISNA function tests if an initial supplied expression (or value) returns the Excel #N/A Error, and if so, returns TRUE; Otherwise the function returns FALSE.




Argument Description
value The value argument is the expression or value to be tested. This can be either supplied directly to the function, or can be the name or reference of a cell containing a value or formula


  A B C D
1   Formula Result Notes
2   =ISNA(536) FALSE  
3   =ISNA(“text”) FALSE  
4   =ISNA(#N/A) TRUE  
5   =ISNA(535/0) FALSE expression in cell B5, does produce an error, but this is not the #N/A error, and so the ISNA function returns FALSE
6   =ISNA(VLOOKUP(10,A1:A7,1,0)) TRUE the VLOOKUP function cannot find the value “10” in column A, and so returns the #N/A error. Therefore, the ISNA function returns TRUE
7 #N/A =ISNA(V7) TRUE