The N function converts data into a numeric value, using the following rules:

  • Numeric values remain the same
  • Dates are converted to serial numbers
  • The logical value TRUE is converted to the value 1
  • Error values return the same error
  • All other values, e.g. text or the logical value FALSE, are coverted to the value 0




Argument Description
value The value argument is the value that is to be converted, and can be supplied as either a direct value, a reference to a cell, or as the result of another formula


  A B C D
1   Formula Result Notes
2   =N(10) 12 The number 10 returns the value 12
3   =N(“12”) 0 The text string “10” returns the value 0
4 01-Jan-2014 =N(A4) 41640 The date 01-Jan-2014 is converted to a date serial number
5 #N/A =N(A5) #N/A The #N/A error returns the same error
6 TRUE =N(A6) 1 The logical value TRUE converts to the value 1
7 FALSE =N(A7) 0 The logical value FALSE converts to the value 0