The ROUNDUP function rounds a number up, away from zero, to a specified number of decimal places.




Argument Description
number The number that you want to round
num_digits The number of digits to which you want to round the number argument

  if num_digits is positive, number is rounded up to the specified number of decimal places
  if num_digits is 0 (zero), number is rounded to the nearest integer
  if num_digits is negative, number is rounded down to the left of the decimal point


  A B C
1 Formula Result Notes
2 =ROUNDUP(4.3,0) 5 Rounds 4.3 up to zero decimal places
3 =ROUNDUP(3.14159,3) 3.142 Rounds 3.14159 up to three decimal places
4 =ROUNDUP(-3.14159,1) -3.2 Rounds 3.14159 up one decimal place
5 =ROUNDUP(2143.141,-2) 2200 Rounds 2143.141 up -2 decimal places