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The SIGN function returns the sign (+1, -1 or 0) of a supplied number. Ie. if the number is positive, the SIGN function returns +1, if the number is negative, the function returns -1 and if the number is 0 (zero), the function returns 0.




Argument Description
number Any numerical value and can be supplied to the function as either a simple number, a reference to a cell containing a numbers, or as a numeric value returned from another function


  A B C D
1 Number Formula Result Notes
2   =SIGN(12.5) 1  
3 -12.5  =SIGN(A3) -1  
4   =SIGN(0) 0  
5   =SIGN(SUM(3,-6) -1  
6 =SUM(3,-6) =SIGN(A6) -1  
7   =SIGN(“-12.5”) -1 The value -12.5 is entered as a text string