Related Function:

The TAN function returns the tangent of the given angle.




Argument Description
number The angle, in radians, for which you want the tangent


  A B C
1 Formula Result Notes
2 =TAN(1.047198) 1.732051 Tangent of 60 degrees
3 =TAN(RADIANS(45)) 1 Tangent of 45 degrees
4 =TAN(45*PI()/180) 1 Tangent of 45 degrees

Note: If the angle is in degrees, you need to be convert it to radians before supplying it to the TAN function. You can convert it, using the RADIANS function: =RADIANS(degrees)

trigonometry_triangleFor the right-angle triangle at right, the tangent of the angle A, is the ratio of the opposite side (a) to the adjacent side (b). This is represented by the equation:    

    \[    tan(A) = \frac b{a}    \]

See Wikipedia for more information on trigonometric ratios.