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The COUNT function returns the number of numeric values in a supplied set of cells or values. This count includes both numbers and dates




Argument Description
The arguments, value1, [value2], etc, can be any values or references to cell ranges

Note: Beginning with Excel 2007, you can enter up to 255 number arguments to the function. Excel 2003 would only accept up to 30 number arguments.

Values Counted as Numeric

Numbers and dates are always counted as numeric values by the COUNT function. However, text representations and logical values are counted differently, depending on whether they are supplied as a value in a range of cells, or if they are supplied directly to the function.

    Value Within a Range of Cells  Value Supplied Directly to Function
Numbers   ARE counted ARE counted
Dates   ARE counted ARE counted
Logical Values   NOT counted ARE counted
Text Representations of Numbers & Dates   NOT counted ARE counted
Other Text   NOT counted NOT counted
Errors   NOT counted NOT counted


  A B C D E
1     Formula Result Notes
2 5 0 =COUNT(A2:B6) 4 The numbers and the date, 01-Jan-2014, are counted by the function
3 text   =COUNT(A2:A6,B2) 3 The text value “text”, the logical value FALSE, and the error value #N/A are not counted by the function
4 FALSE   =COUNT(A2:A6,A2:B2) 4 The example in cell C3 uses two ranges that intersect, and both ranges include the cell A1. In this case, Excel counts the cell A1 (which DOES contain a numeric value) twice – once for each range that it is contained in
5 01-Jan-2014        
6 #N/A        
7     =COUNT(100,DATE(2014,1,1)) 2 The number 100 and the date 01/01/2010 are counted by the function
8     =COUNT(“100″,”01/01/2014”,FALSE) 3 The text representations of the number “100” & the date, “01/01/2010”, and the logical value FALSE, are counted by the function
9     =COUNT(“text”,#N/A) 0 The text string “text” and the error #N/A are not counted by the function

The Excel COUNT and COUNTA functions are often confused, a brief description of each of these functions is given below:

  • COUNT returns the count of numeric values within a set of cells or values; includes numbers and dates
  • COUNTA returns the count of non-blank values within a set of cells or values; includes numbers, dates, text values, logical values and errors