Related Function:

The FISHER function returns the Fisher transformation a supplied value.




Argument Description
x A numeric value for which you want the transformation


  A B C
1 Formula Result Notes
2 =FISHER(0.8) 1.098612 Fisher transformation at 0.8
3 =FISHER(-0.25) -0.25541 Fisher transformation at -0.25

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
#VALUE! Occurs if the supplied value of x is not recognized as a numeric value
#NUM! Occurs if the supplied value of x is ≤ -1 or ≥ +1

The Fisher transformation is frequently used to test hypotheses on the correlation coefficient. The equation for the Fisher transformation is:    

    \[    z' = \frac 1{2} \ln \left( \frac{1+x}{1-x} \right)    \]

See Wikipedia for more information on Fisher Transformation.