The PROB function returns the probability that values in a range are between two limits.




Argument Description
x_range The range of numeric values of x with which there are associated probabilities
prob_range A set of probabilities associated with values in x_range
lower_limit The lower bound on the value for which you want a probability
[upper_limit] Optional. The optional upper bound on the value for which you want a probability

  If upper_limit is omitted, the function returns the probability associated with the value of the supplied lower_limit


  A B C D
1 Value of x Probability    
2 0 0.1    
3 1 0.25    
4 2 0.3    
5 3 0.35    
7 Formula Result Notes
8 =PROB(A2:A5,B2:B5,2) 0.3 Probability that x is 2
9 =PROB(A2:A5,B2:B5,1,3) 0.9 Probability that x is between 1 and 3

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
#NUM! Occurs if either:

  any value in the supplied prob_range is < 0 or > 1
  the values in the supplied prob_range do not add up to 1
#N/A Occurs if the supplied x_range and prob_range arrays are of different lengths, i.e. contain different numbers of data points