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The T.INV.2T function returns the inverse of the two-tailed Student’s T Distribution, which is a continuous probability distribution that is frequently used for testing hypotheses on small sample data sets.

  • This function was introduced in Excel 2010 and so is not available in earlier versions.
  • The T.INV.2T function replaces the TINV function included in earlier versions of Excel.




Argument Description
probability The probability, between 0 and 1, associated with the Student’s t-distribution
deg_freedom An integer indicating the number of degrees of freedom – must be ≥ 1


  A B C D
1 Data Description    
2 0.816497 Probability associated with the two-tailed Student’s t-distribution
3 40 Degrees of freedom
5 Formula Result Notes
6 =T.INV.2T(A2,A3) 0.233587 Two-tailed t-value of the Student’s t-distribution for the terms above
7 =T.INV.2T(A2*2,A3) -0.91243 One-tailed t-value of the Student’s t-distribution for the terms above returned by multiplying the probability by 2

Note: T.INV.2T function calculates the inverse of the two-tailed Student’s T Distribution. If you want to calculate the inverse of the one-tailed t-distribution, simply double the probability, i.e. T.INV.2T(2*probability,deg_freedom).

Common Function Error(s)

Problem What went wrong
#VALUE! Occurs if either of the supplied arguments are non-numeric
#NUM! Occurs if either:

  the supplied probability argument is ≤ 0 or > 1
  the supplied deg_freedom argument is < 1
#NAME? Occurs when Analysis ToolPak add-in is not enabled