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Beginning with the Regal Princess on November 13, 2017, Princess Cruises has rolled out their innovative, and award-winning, Medallion program. By 2020, according to Princess Cruises’ website, there will be a total of 11 Medallion ships in the fleet.

In this post, I’ll let you know how MedallionClass works, point out some benefits, and hopefully answer some questions.

What is MedallionClass?

The MedallionClass Medallion is a wearable device that elevates every moment before, during and after your MedallionClass cruise to a new level. From on-demand food and drinks, interactive gaming, custom entertainment and smart navigation, Ocean Medallion makes cruising simpler, and more personal and enjoyable than ever.

What is the Medallion device and how is it worn?

Princess Cruises’ Ocean Medallion Lanyards

The Medallion device is a wearable disk about the size of a quarter imprinted with your name, ship and sail date and the Princess logo. The Medallion device is further personalized with your Captain’s Circle level color – in our case ‘Platinum’.

The Medallion can be worn on a lanyard, which is provided free of charge when you check in to your cruise; accessories that are available for purchase (see below).

All U.S. passengers receive their free Medallion device either in the mail before leaving home or when they arrive at the terminal. International guests can pick up their Medallion device at the port upon embarkation.

What does MedallionClass do?

The MedallionClass is a new technology on Princess Cruise ships that replaces the cruise card, and does so much more. MedallionClass technology makes the whole ship “smart”.

Use your Medallion wearable to enjoy:

Easy Stateroom Entry

Hands-free cabin door opening is a simple feature makes cruising so much more convenient. When you arrive at your cabin, there will be a panel on the side of your door that “recognizes” you as you approach. Your photo will come up and your door will unlock for you – no more fumbling for cruise cards.


Skip the lines and order flavorful bites and refreshing drinks wherever you may be on board. Your Medallion device helps our staff find you so they can deliver drinks, snacks or other services directly to you — anytime, anywhere. You can even order on your stateroom TV or on the mini-portals located in public areas around the ship.


You can use one of the ship’s portals or the MedallionClass app on a smart device to view all of the onboard events that will take place during your voyage, and bookmark activities you’re interested in to create a personalized itinerary. Or use JourneyView to book shore excursions.


Your smart phone or your Medallion device can help you find your way around the ship. On your smart phone, there’s even a “GPS-like” component that shows you a path from where you are to where you want to go on the cruise ship. You can also add your travel companions to the app so you can easily locate and message them. Or access point-to-point directions to help you navigate from your stateroom to the dining room.


As you travel, your favorite movies and TV shows are always within reach. Enjoy Oceanview on your stateroom TV and the MedallionClass app. Or watch Ocean Originals – the most popular travel series in the world – to further explore the cultures and places around you.


Experience a new level of interactive fun using your Medallion device, ship portals or the MedallionClass app on your smart device; embark on a digital scavenger hunt around the ship using the location-based feature of your Medallion wearable, or turn your smart device into a controller and compete with shipmates on the Movies Under the Stars® screen on deck 15.

Ocean Concierge

Ocean concierge is where you can see events and activities either on your phone or portal, look at the dining room menus and check your ship board account. Ocean concierge also allows you to bookmark events of interest.

Pay for Purchases

Your MedallionClass disk and app function the same as your cruise card, so you will just tap your medallion to pay for purchases throughout the ship.

How much does MedallionClass cost?

If you’re booked on an Ocean Medallion class ship, Ocean Medallion is included and there is no additional charge to use it. The wearable medallion disk, which comes with a lanyard, and the majority of its features are part of the Ocean Medallion cruise experience.

There has been some confusion regarding the internet, known as MedallionNet, which does have an additional charge. However, cruise passengers are not obliged to use any internet at all, so this is optional. I will detail MedallionNet further in this post.

If you want to stay totally disconnected and don’t want to drag your smart device around, keep it locked in your cabin safe for the duration of your cruise if you like. Portals are available throughout the ships and all the MedallionClass disk “functions” work no matter where you are on the ship.


If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know how expensive and slow cruise ship internet usually is. However, the MedallionNet technology has brought with it the Best Internet at Sea.

If you’re not an internet user while on a cruise, there is no need to change and no pressure to buy any internet package. The MedallionClass app and device will work without internet.

However, there are times people could really use the connection and internet makes their life easier, even on a cruise. The great thing about MedallionNet is that it’s fast, it’s everywhere – including your cabin, and it’s affordable.

How much does MedallionNet cost?

The last time we cruised, the price was $10 per day for unlimited internet, which was a 50% discount if bought on day one of your cruise. The price was $129 for 4 devices for a 7 day cruise, so excellent value for a family of 4 in one cabin.

Compared to internet packages on other cruise ships, this was a great deal.

Cruise Tip: Purchase the internet package online before your cruise or on the first day of your cruise for a discounted rate. Prices may vary and change, so please check your cruise booking for current pricing.

Platinum and Elite Captain Circle members, such as ourselves, can use their allotted internet minutes or get a discount if they purchase the unlimited MedallionNet. MedallionNet is worth the extra cost but depends on how much you intend to “stay connected”. Check it out for yourself.

Ocean Medallion accessories

Ocean Medallion disks and wristbands

Ocean Medallion was not available on the Ruby Princess during our Alaska cruise in 2017. In 2019, Ocean Medallion was available on the Ruby Princess for our New Zealand cruise but the Ocean Medallion accessories were not available for purchase yet. There was nothing wrong with the lanyard and it was incredibly convenient.

You can now purchase wristbands in a variety of colors, clips, necklaces and bracelets. Ocean Medallion accessories are available online for pre-purchase, as well as upon boarding your cruise.

See the photo above for a close up view of the wristbands, which I’ve tried out and think are fabulous. They’re very comfortable, fit well and are available in different colors. Super cute!

Opting out of the MedallionClass

Princess Cruises says that you can opt out of all but the basic functions of the medallion, and it can be put on a safety mode. It does serve as your room key so it is necessary that you carry it.

However, I would encourage you to give it a try. Remember, with MedallionClass, you never need your phone, and portals throughout the ship can give you any information you need.

Help with MedallionClass disk and App

When you board your ship, and during the next couple days, there are staff at both an MedallionClass kiosk and around the ship to assist guests with everything MedallionClass related.

So, if you need help with knowing what to do or something isn’t working like it should, just ask at the MedallionClass desk or at Guest Relations.

The video from Princess below is really good and has step by step instructions.

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