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Honolulu, Hawaii

Wayne Becker

I grew up in York, Pennsylvania, graduated from high school in 1969, and became a real estate salesman in 1972. I was never quite satisfied with being a salesman and gravitated toward medicine in 1980s; first as a paramedic then transitioning to nursing in 1988. As a licensed Registered Nurse, I worked at a number of hospitals in Columbia and Baltimore, Maryland. In 1991 I had an opportunity to move to Hawaii as a traveling nurse.

I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii in June 1991 and have been here ever since. The salt air of island living was not kind to my camera – the insides were pretty much destroyed within 5 years. I walked away from photography for many years and have just recently restarted and have learned to adapt to digital photography.

What I Do

I am Retired

Enjoy Art

Enjoy Photography

Enjoy Learning

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