Tomorrow, November 25, 2021, is Thanksgiving Day here in the USA, the day we American’s officially kick off the “Holiday Season”. From tomorrow until New Years Day we will, most likely, over indulge in both food and drink.

The chill in autumn with damp, dreary weather,
The harvest all gathered before the storm.
The November feast brings family together,
With great delights of fall the soul to warm.

Preparations first on the football field,
The kitchen next with oven hot blazing,
The smells, the spices, the potatoes all peeled,
Sautéing, seasoning, sour-dough raising.

The turkey drumstick, bacon-wrapped with zest,
Cranberry sauce, giblets, and gravy gleam,
Heaping platters of corn and yams all dressed,
Save room for the pie, spice topped with whipped cream.

Give thanks to our God, all sweetness and light,
For blessings all, so true, so fair, so right.

~ Br. Nicholas Schneider

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