Decision In Normandy

Decision in Normandy
Published: 2001-06-01
ISBN13: 9781568522609
Here is an outstanding military history that offers a dramatic new perspective on the Allied campaign that began with the invasion of the D-Day beaches of Normandy. Decision in Normandy is not a history of the Normandy campaign; rather, it’s an examination of the command decisions and some, not all, of the operations within. Of the landings, only Sword Beach is covered in detail. The taking of Cherbourg is not covered; we just know it…


Decision in Normandy explores the decision making process that formed a battle plan, and then evaluates how it played out, it is thought provoking for those interested in military strategy. However, there is a repetitive refrain here about Bernard Montgomery, that comes back again and again. However, no one, including D’Este, sees Monty as any sort of massive failure as a strategist in what was ultimately a successful invasion and break out.

The author critically examines General Montgomery and the British army’s actions during this campaign and finds much to fault. The army suffers from failure of coordination and a lack of manpower at the strategic level. The author takes Monty to task with an in-depth examination of what he claimed to do, or was going to do, and what he actually did. There was a difference! Chapter 26 on the Falaise action (or lack of it) was hard to follow, yet the failure to close the pocket wasn’t fatal.

4.2Overall Score

Decision in Normandy

The battle for Normandy was the most complex and daring military operation in the history of modern warfare. Two years of intense, detailed planning reached its successful conclusion when the ...

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