Shrouded Glory

Shrouded Glory
Published: 2021-02-28
ISBN13: 9781736708200
In early June 1942, the Japanese occupied Attu Island-A year later, the U.S. Army took it back. Attu Island sits in the far western reaches of the Alaskan Aleutian Chain. It has one of the worst climates known to man. The cold, wet weather, matched with the boggy, treeless tundra, made the fighting conditions some of the worst of the entire Second World War. Tanks and other support vehicles were useless, leaving the GIs alone…

For two soldiers linked by friendship but separated by towering ridges, day to day survival meant facing constant challenges, not only from a relentless and motivated foe, but from the island itself. Shrouded Glory is a gritty WWII novel and will keep you turning the pages.


The story line was a bit amateurish and so were the characters. It was however a World War II story based on the actual events of the Japanese occupation of Attu Island, Alaska and the brutal conditions endured by U.S. Army soldiers to drive the Japanese off American soil.

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