Princess Cruises’ Club Class Dining

During our Alaska cruise with Princess, we learned about Princess Cruises’ “Club Class Dining” which offers greater convenience and more ways to tempt your palate are just two of the benefits you can look forward to when you book a Full Suite or Club Class Mini-Suite with Princess.

The dining area for “Club Class Dining” was an area on the starboard side of the Da Vinci dining room. There was a separate entrance with a wonderful hostess that knew your name after our first meal. The “Club Class Dining” is an anytime dining area, but most of the people using this area seem to dine around the same time every evening and even for lunch.

Tables next to the windows are set up for couples so we were typically ushered to one of those tables. On odd occasions the window tables were taken and we were seated at an interior table. There is really no advantage to a window table, unless you like to watch the ocean pass by while you eat – I prefer a nice conversation and review of the day with the missus.

The waiters and assistant waiters serviced the same tables every meal and they get to know each diner and their preferences for drinks and pace of the meal. We really enjoyed the dining experience and talking with the head waiter who would prepare certain dishes right in the dining area.

Club Class Dining is something we will look forward to on future trips.

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