Why Cruising Makes a Great Vacation

If you have never been on a cruise, you may wonder why so many people claim that cruising is the best vacation and the best way to travel and see the world.

Based on our own experiences, here are some of the reasons we believe that cruising is the best way to take a vacation.

It’s an Escape

Trust me, there is nothing like being on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean; life’s routines and job stress are left far behind you. Cruise ship life is fun and it doesn’t take long before you are relaxed. We both agree that we feel more at ease, both physically and mentally, as our ship sails away from port.

Our biggest decision on a cruise is which of the fabulous restaurants should we try first.

Relax While You Travel

Instead of long drives or plane rides to reach your destination, cruises enable you to relax and enjoy while getting where you want to go. When you’re vacationing on a cruise ship, you have the freedom to eat, drink and enjoy the trip to your port of call.

Friendly Crew and Amazing Service

This probably goes without saying, but cruise lines, especially, Princess Cruises’ crews are friendly and accommodating. It’s nice to be on vacation and really feel so taken care of. Every crew member we encounter on our cruises is genuinely friendly, they remember our names, and they do everything in their power to make us feel valued.

I still recall our first cruise to Alaska and how our waiter remembered our beverage preferences and which type of bread we enjoyed each evening; even remembered that I like shrimp cocktail with every meal – even breakfast. It’s a little things that add up.

The Food!

Plan on gaining weight when you’re on a cruise. Although this doesn’t have to be true, cruises have earned a reputation of guests gaining weight because the quality and and many choices of food on a cruise ship is really good – out of this world!

Plus, the food included on a cruise is so tempting; you simply feel the need to indulge and try dishes you may not eat regularly at home.

Unpack Only Once

This is one of my favorite things about cruising is that you unpack only once, all while visiting several destinations; your hotel moves with you. On our 7 day Alaska cruise and our 14 day New Zealand cruise, where we visited many different ports and cities, there was absolutely no packing and unpacking.

Those same trips as a land tour would have us packing and unpacking at each destination, and living out of suitcases. Plus, we would have to carry our luggage on and off coaches and getting up extra early each morning to endure early morning drives to the next destination.

On a cruise, after a busy day sightseeing, we get to return to our “home”, our luxurious cruise ship. All we need to do is enjoy a relaxing dinner and perhaps see a show.

Cruise ships typically sail to the next port during the night, while you sleep in your comfortable cabin. You wake up refreshed and ready for a new day. Cruising is really the best way to travel!

Ever Changing Views

When you stay in a resort you have one view, and one only view for your entire stay. Whether you are cruising through the Inside Passage, in Glacier Bay, through fjords of Norway, or by the islands of the Caribbean, your view will constantly be changing on a cruise.

Something for Everyone

We have never noticed anyone on a cruise that looked bored. Even on a sea days, each person seems to find something of interest.

I personally enjoy strolling around the ship, spending early morning in the gym, reading by the pool, or enjoying a frozen cocktail. Others may prefer some of the other exciting things some cruise lines offer, like racing cars, waterslides, or zip-lining. There is something for everyone on a cruise.

However, keep in mind is that different cruise lines will offer a different type of cruise experience, so make sure you do your research and check with your travel agent to find out which cruise ship is best for you.

Great Itineraries

If you love to travel, cruising is a great way to see and experience the destinations on your wish list. If you love the beach and turquoise waters, plus seeing several islands all in one cruise, a Caribbean cruise is perfect. Or, if you prefer to visit one destination and stay a few days and explore, then a Bermuda cruise.

If you want to experience scenic wonders, nature and wildlife, as Alaskan cruise is a dream. If sight-seeing and historic travel is most appealing, consider a New Zealand or Baltic cruise.

More Bang for Your Buck

The value that a cruise provides stands alone among the different types of vacations that are offered.  Cruises can usually be found starting at around $50-70 a day per person for an inside stateroom – I seen them as low as $30. This includes all of your food, lodging, entertainment, and transportation from one port to another.

Make the Best Memories

Cruises are a great vacation for a family who wants to spend time together, a group of friends who want to get away or a couple who needs a few days or relaxation. Being away at sea puts the rest of the world into perspective, helping you come home refreshed and ready to start planning your next vacation.

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