A Space to Write

Writing for me can happen anywhere and involve different mediums.

When I’m blogging I am doing so on some type of computer; I need an internet connection and, since COVID-19, I’m at home and not in a coffee shop. I need my laptop because I absolutely refuse to use my iPad or Microsoft(R) tablet for blogging. I guess I just like the feel of a full-size keyboard. I usually confine myself to a quite location with soft classical music playing.

For writing poetry, which I have just started to experiment with, I just need to make sure I have a pen or pencil and a notebook. This I do anywhere inspiration strikes me; during a walk, sitting in the park, etc. I keep a pen and pad beside my bed; I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night or early morning with an idea and need to jot it down so I don’t forget. Poetry is something I may not share with other until I feel more comfortable with my skill.

For journaling, I always have a writing utensil and my current journal or note pad. I carry a small pocket-size notebook at all times and will make notes of ideas as they come to me. The actual journaling is usually done in my “quiet zone” – the place where I normally do my blogging. Rarely do I share my journal entries in a blog – they are much too personal. If I am on vacation, I will do my journaling in a private room.

Please leave a comment below or leave a message on my Facebook page and submit suggestions on what you would like me write for an upcoming post. I do not maintain a contact page due to the unbelievable amount of SPAM.

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