Letter to Siblings

Dear sister and brother,

There’s a pretty big age gap between us, me being the eldest with 4 1/2 years between me and you sister and another 4 1/2 years between sister and younger brother. Yet somehow, when I lived in the same town, our closeness never wavered. I had born into this world with two best friends. Now that I have been living halfway around the world for the past 30 years, time and distance has put an empty space between us that I fear will never be filled.

You are still my favorite people for whom I would do absolutely anything. Yet you were once the first people I could talk to if there’s something wrong; now time and distance has robbed me of that comfort and pleasure. I know no one could ever love me more than you two.

The three of us are complete opposites, yet I find us to be so similar. I am beyond proud to be your big brother. Whether we’re having holiday phone conversation or cracking jokes, you’re my best friends and I really don’t know what I would have done without you. How lucky am I to have the best siblings in the entire world!?

I love you both more than you could EVER know.

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