When I’m Not Writing

When I got today’s inspiration the two things I initially thought, “Wow, I’m always writing.” I write all the time at work – reports for different committees, proposals for grants, and, of course, emails galore. Not exactly the kind of writing I enjoy but it pays the bills until I retire.

One thing I enjoy when I am not writing is photography. When going for walks with my wife, I always have my camera with me. However, that still involves a bit of writing as I make notes about the location and image composition.

Another thing I do when I am not writing is listen to music. I listen to music to help relax. But again, I have my note pad with me and make notes about ideas that pop into my head.

Another thing I enjoy when I am not writing is reading; I read about one book per week or two. My interests are many topics but history is my favorite. Here again (you guest it) I am writing notes about what I am reading.

I guess the only time I’m not writing is when I’m painting.

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