Breisach, DE

Each port on our Viking Rhine Getaway cruise typically included one free excursion and several at additional cost. The included excursion while docked in Breisach was a coach tour into the Black Forest. We opted for the afternoon Black Forest excursion which gave us all morning to explore the town of Breisach.

The first landmark that caught my attention in Breisach was St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It’s impossible to miss as it sits high on a hillside, overlooking the river and the town.

The “Hagenbachturm” (Hagenbach Tower), first mentioned in 1319.

We wandered through the quiet cobblestone streets, climbed meandering staircases, and passed through Hagenbach Tower on our way up to the cathedral. 

Once we reached the cathedral, we were treated to panoramas of the town and countryside in all directions. Eighty-five percent (85%) of Breisach was destroyed during World War II and was rebuilt in its original style. Lutz also produced the sculpture that adorns the inside of the church’s old crypt, which was refashioned as a memorial to the town’s destruction and loss during the war.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephan’s cathedral (St. Stephansmünster), an imposing structure built between the 12th and 15th centuries, sits upon the city’s highest point and is guarded by several levels of walls that face outward toward the river and the rest of the town below. St. Stephen’s Cathedral reflects Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles.

We really enjoyed Breisach and were glad it was a stop for our cruise — this lovely little town could be easily missed on any other whirlwind tour of Europe.

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