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Over time, cruise lines and cruisers have become more tech friendly. Starting in 2022 and beyond, you will probably be using a cruise line’s app onboard to make, reservations, and even review the menus. 

While you don’t need a smart phone or other electronic items to cruise, they can add a lot of convenience to your vacation, whether it’s cruising, air travel, or a road trip. Here are some fantastic tech gadgets that could add to your cruise packing.

Electronics & Cables Organizer Travel Case

This electronics organizer case is a favorite cruise packing accessory. Keep all your chargers, cables and wires in organized conveniently one place. We never travel with tangled cables and wires.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Whether you’re working out at the gym or listening to music or a podcast on the pool deck, make sure to bring along some wireless earbuds. These are inexpensive and work great, which is perfect to take on a cruise, to the beach, or just a walk around the neighborhood.

If you haven’t done so yet, you give the Audible Plus 30-day Free Trial a try. With Audible, you can download thousands of audiobooks, documentaries, and podcasts. Find more information in the Audible section at Amazon.

Kindle Oasis

An amazing item to have on a cruise, is the Kindle Oasis. This Kindle is waterproof so you can read while relaxing in the pool or hot tub on the lido deck. The Kindle Oasis with Essentials Bundle, displayed below comes with a nice leather cover and power adapter however you can browse other options as well.

Cruise Power Bar

non-surge protected power bar is a must-have cruise item. Cruise cabins just don’t have enough electric and USB outlets for all our devices. This power bar is “ship approved” and one I highly recommend.

Important Note: Cruise lines don’t allow you to bring a regular surge-protected power bar from home (they may confiscate if seen). It’s very important to have a non-surge protected one that is “cruise approved.

Powerbank or Portable Charger

If you are planning on spending a lot of time in your cruise ports, you may want to invest in a quality portable charger. This also helps if you love taking pictures on your phone and do not want to spend your time by an outlet constantly recharging your phone.

Plus, if you would like to use your phone as your alarm clock like I do, you should definitely pack a portable charger so your phone is beside you. Most cruise staterooms have very few outlets and more than likely you may not have an outlet near your bed. Make sure to bring a portable charger for your next cruise.

Waterproof Phone Case

One of the top cruise accessories is a waterproof phone case or protector. Especially if you plan on enjoying any shore excursions on the water. Plenty of cruisers enjoy snorkeling and boating experiences, all leading to a higher risk of phone water damage.

This simple device can save you hundreds of dollars and prevent you from loosing are the precious and priceless photos you took on your cruising vacation. I highly suggest picking up a waterproof phone case.

Laptop Backpack with Built in Phone Charger

If you’re planning to bring a laptop with you on your cruise, this anti-theft backpack is water resistant and has a USB charging port. I’ve used this backpack, which includes a built in charger, and use it as my carry-on on embarkation day. The USB interface with built-in cable design offer great convenience for charging electronic devices by connecting to your own power bank. And the headphone interface frees your hands when enjoying audios, music, etc.

I also take it on excursion and use it to carry all of our gear. The bag is extremely comfortable and fits more than you would think.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker 

Enjoy your own music in your cabin on your cruise or your hotel room while traveling. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is also a favorite beach essential. I even use mine while golfing! The sound is awesome!

Waterproof Camera

Although not essential, a waterproof camera can allow you to capture some of the best photos of your cruise. If you have any water-related shore excursions planned during your cruise, a waterproof camera is a worthwhile investment.

Whether snorkeling at Key West or Hawaii, a waterproof camera will capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments to carry with you forever.


One of my must have travel accessories is a pair of quality, compact binoculars. This cruise necessity is especially important if you are cruising to any more scenic destinations like Alaska or New Zealand. You will be surprised by how many opportunities you will have for the whales or a pod of dolphins in the distance. A compact set of binoculars does not take up much room in your luggage, and will likely come in handy during your cruise adventure.

Please note that, at full magnification, 60 power binoculars may be difficult for some folks to hold steady – you may wish to shop for lower power binoculars.

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